The Innovation Imperative

The potential for creating groundbreaking new products, services and customer experiences is greater than at any time in history. Six major long-cycle forces are operating to transform the business landscape through accelerating innovation:

  • Ubiquitous Technology: An unprecedented confluence of technology innovations, becoming pervasive in the world and touching every industry
  • Rapid Prototyping & Development: New tools for faster innovation with fewer resources
  • Open Innovation: Structural/organizational shift toward distributed R&D and "maker" culture
  • Amplified Individuals: New skills are required to thrive in a connected world
  • Global Innovation: New centers of intellectual, social, financial capital are emerging
  • Environment & Energy: Fundamental issues driving investment on a worldwide scale

As a result of these forces we are seeing a surge of value creation, for example in mobile devices and services, social media, and energy management. We also see entire industries in the throes of disruptive transformation. The ongoing economic rebalancing has many companies focused even further inward, reducing investment and managing for short term results. Conditions are ripe for significant change.

From the perspective of opportunity and of strategic imperative, across all industries and sectors, there has never been a more important time to be an innovator.

Our Contribution

Lightning Laboratories works with client companies to identify, develop and execute strategic innovation programs that deliver positive business results including profitable growth, customer engagement, brand enhancement and cross-industry impact.

As Lightning Laboratories' founder and principal consultant, Gene Becker provides a unique combination of strategic vision, technical perspective, operational rigor and creative sensibility. Gene's integrative leadership style and extensive experience with corporate and entrepreneurial innovation make him an ideal partner for executives seeking to drive successful product development and business creation initiatives.