Speaking Engagements

Gene Becker is a highly-regarded speaker, panel moderator and workshop leader for conferences and open innovation camps. In recent months, Gene presented at NAB, Web2Expo, Augmented Reality Event, Search Engine Strategies, the World Bank, ARDevCamp, THATCamp and more, on topics including Augmented Reality, Experience Design, Open Innovation, and the Future of Personal Computing. Contact gene (at) lightninglaboratories.com or +1 650 391 7056 for more information.

Here is an example of one of Gene's full-session talks, from Web2Expo San Francisco in 2010:


One of the best ways to understand the implications of emerging Connected World technologies is to get immersed and experiment with them. Lightning Laboratories conducts workshops that teach you the basics of new technologies like Augmented Reality, with a strong hands-on, experiential component to reinforce the learning process. For more information, contact gene (at) lightninglaboratories.com.